underwater wrestling

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And also a tournament fighter…

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36 trophies, 1997

Boggsville Boatel

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New York Times Video

Good Stories via the press:


All That We’ve Met

Velvet Park Media


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This April I scrapped together and dissected old wooden sail boats into a tsunami shaped sculpture at the Carville Annex in the Outer Sunset. From within this shipwreck of an installation I gave a scattered and performative lecture of associations and truth stretchings–questioning some people’s tendency to cross great bodies of water in unlikely vessels, the tendency toward that awful word hope, pilgrimage, abandon, carnival; with the help of Moby Dick, Elizabeth Taylor, Wallace Stevens, Ms. Nancy Bogg’s floating brothel, Magpies and their fascination with the shiny, water as a metaphor for other radical human endeavors, how ridiculous is it to project ourselves into the future–a tremendous thing.

ALSO: Griffin Snyder is helping us with this show. He’s an ‘intern’. And by ‘intern’, we mean we are figuring out life through art through social responsibility, or something like that, together. We are confused a lot, by which we mean we laugh a lot. He’s a delight, and we’re really, really grateful.


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David Pearlman passes Jan 23, 2011

After the 2nd Line procession through the French Quarter and after the spreading of the ashes in the river–we burnt a raft in David’s honor. This is Lee speaking to David’s life on the banks of the Mississippi. He said, “the simple fact that we are all here because we knew and loved Poppa Neutrino means that we have all been given the chance to live a beautiful life.”


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Son of Town Hall, a Floating Neutrino creation.

These books are a compilation of archives of the Floating Nuetrinos who are my personal heroes, as well as pages of texts, letters, and lists that speak to the tendency in some people to cross great bodies of water. In this anthology you will pages from Camu, Moby Dick, To The Light House, articles about David Pearlman aka Poppa Neutrino, and photographs of my grand father.



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This is a project I was invited to do at Smack Melon.

This is a description of the show:

Curated by Sara Reisman

Smack Mellon’s summer group exhibition Condensations of the Social will feature artistic projects that refer to the strands of the social that contribute to the formation of culture: pedagogy, ritual/performance, political and ideological engagement, work, and ecology and sustainability as they relate to place. The exhibition raises questions about the boundaries between art and life, while suggesting that social practice, to a greater degree than traditional art forms, has the potential to directly change how we live. The exhibition includes projects by Pablo Helguera, Mary Mattingly, Mladen Miljanovic, Tim Rollins + K.O.S., Mierle Laderman Ukeles, and a group of eight artists who are students of Harrell Fletcher and Jen Delos Reyes within Portland State University’s MFA concentration in Art and Social Practice. Exhibition curator Sara Reisman selected artists with the intention of linking current artistic practices to two historical nodes – the work of Rollins and Ukeles – which serve as early examples of terms that have gained important currency in contemporary art: the pedagogical turn, relational aesthetics, participation, life art, and collaboration, among others. Condensations also explores the contradictory qualities of the medium by bringing together a variety of artworks and approaches that range from altruistic and outside the art world to socially motivated from within the art system.

For my project I collaborate with Marie Lorenz and her Water Taxi project.

My heart goes out to Marie:


we went out on the East River on her homemade row boat.

Ben from Mare Liberum met us on the river: http://thefreeseas.org/

This is the gallery.

The flag I made for the show.

A little side trip to my friends boat.



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